Mike Haugland

Team Leader & UI Dev

Why Mike?

Hi, I'm Mike! I live in Montreal, Canada. I like to lead amazing, empowered teams and create amazing user experiences. I'm passionate about learning new technologies, mentoring those around me, and committing to an ever-increasing level of quality. I value effective communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and inclusion.

Work History

  • Staff Frontend Engineer at ProcedureFlow
    2023-07-31 — present (2 months)
    Coming soon.
  • Lead, Software Engineering at Unity
    2022-01-24 — 2023-07-27 (1 year 7 months)
    Lead a team of 3 software developers on Unity Hub. In 3 months, I helped hire and onboard 8 developers across 4 seniority levels, and 2 peer engineering managers to evolve our team into a multi stream operation. Leading and managing releases to over 1.4 million monthly active users.
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer at Unity
    2020-08-17 — 2022-01-23 (1 year 6 months)
    Worked on Unity Hub version 3.0. Helped rebuilt the frontend, migrating from Angular to React and Redux. Implemented the core window UI including a layout manager, app styles, and integration with React Router. Led the efforts with the Unity licensing team to integrate a new SDK into the Hub for license management. Was lead of a development pod consisting of 3-5 developers before transitioning to a full-time manager role.
  • Senior UI Engineer at Autodesk
    2019-10-15 — 2020-08-07 (10 months)
    Worked on the education platform for Autodesk.com powered by AEM, enabling students and teachers to verify their status to obtain educational licenses. Also worked on privacy initiatives such an improved opt-in notification to inform users about data collection and enable opt-out.
  • Senior JavaScript Engineer at Ingage
    2019-03-01 — 2019-10-11 (8 months)
    Worked on the Ingage Presentations for Desktop application, an Electrion-powered cross platform application built with Vue.js for creating and viewing interactive presentations.
  • Development Associate at Morgan Stanley
    2018-09-04 — 2019-02-28 (6 months)
    Contributed to the development of the Matrix Portal dashboard platform on web, a platform used to view and manage portfolios, research, and other tools for brokerage accounts.
  • Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment
    2016-03-14 — 2018-08-31 (2 years 6 months)
    Heavily contributed to the development of the Heroes of the Storm Grandmaster Leaders, Hearthstone eSports schedule, unifying the forum experience across franchises, and then rolling out the next-gen forum platform in use today. Helped architecting solutions for integration Blizzard services with a third-party forum platform.
  • UI Developer at Apple
    2015-08-31 — 2016-03-02 (7 months)
    Oversaw development of the Sales and Trends dashboard (web) for Apple Music. Helped visualize performance and revenue for millions of artists on the Apple Music platform.
  • Web Front End Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment
    2014-01-06 — 2015-08-21 (1 year 8 months)
    Contributed to the development of many Blizzard game sites including the Legacy of the Void announcement site, Diablo 3 Greater Rift leaderboards, Azeroth Choppers, and the redesign of BlizzCon. Developed and worked on websites that had millions of monthly visitors, including major BlizzCon announcements that had spikes of millions of views across BlizzCon weekend.
  • Software Engineer at HootSuite
    2013-05-21 — 2013-12-21 (7 months)
    Lead the Customer Happiness development team which was tasked with improving overall customer satisfaction. Used a data-driven approach to find bugs and small features that can have a big impact.
  • Web Developer at Electronic Arts
    2013-02-25 — 2013-05-17 (3 months)
    Contributed to the development of FIFA 14's Ultimate Team mobile apps.
  • Front End Developer at HootSuite
    2012-09-04 — 2013-02-22 (6 months)
    Built solutions for onboarding pro users, and enhancing social media workflows. Worked with a team on improving revenue spend through a series of A/B tests that increased customer spending on average of 15%.
  • Flash Developer at BlackBerry
    2011-01-04 — 2012-07-13 (1 year 7 months)
    Developed interactive training courses, Flash components for authoring content, and the foundation for a new training software platform.
  • Software Developer at Bravenet Web Services
    2007-11-07 — 2010-12-07 (3 years 1 month)
    Worked on the Bravenet ad platform, web tools, and the Jigsy website builder.
  • Media Developer at Braxio Interactive
    2007-05-14 — 2007-09-20 (5 months)
    Created Ruby and Flex media experiences for clients: Art Channel & Mixpo.
  • Web Application Developer at Lanarc Consultants
    2006-05-01 — 2007-05-11 (1 year 1 month)
    Developed a CMS and websites for small businesses and government clients.

Education History

  • Digital Media Technologies at Vancouver Island University
    Graduated 2006

Professional Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Electron
  • Node.js
  • NextJS

What I'm Learning

  • Swift
  • Swift UI
  • Combine
  • C#

Backend Comfort

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • PHP