2016 Goals

A new year is upon us and it's time to start thinking about goals.


Something I've probably always needed is a creative outlet. This has been challenging working at companies that have rules regarding side projects. But I think I may have discovered ways to allow that creative space to exist without being in conflict.

I picked up an iPad Pro shortly after they came out. I'll be honest, it wasn't a need, I was just curious and the local Apple Store had them in stock. Sadly the Apple Pencil has been out of stock since the day of release so I've been patiently waiting for my order. Drawing is something I've always been terrible at, but in part because I strongly dislike the feel of paper. I've always wanted to get a Wacom, but never liked the idea of translating position in the way that's required with them.

I'm also starting an experiments section on my website. These are super small, simple experiments that are the result of me wanting to learn or try something. Due to the whole side project stuff, they will be limited, but at least I have a venue for pushing myself to try things.


It's been two years and a day since I first flew down to SoCal to make this state my home. I've since moved up to the Bay Area. In that time I've done almost no exploring of the area. Sure, I hit the beach a few times and went to Disneyland, but considering the options in the state,it's kind of embarassing. 2016 will include road trips.

As mentioned above, I've been in California for 2 years. I have visited Canada once since then, but it was an overnight stay to get a new visa with Apple. I've had two other planned trips fall through for various reasons. I owe it to myself, friends, and family to spend a couple weeks in the Great White North this year.


I had considered putting Twitch streaming as a goal this year, but I realized that's not really the right thing for me. I'll be sticking with Forge clips, which I hope to share more of. I want to play more games through to completion, I think I did okay at that in 2015, but I have a huge backlog of games in my various collections to finish. Some recent release, some date back more than a decade.

In 2015 I left the gaming industry, with Legacy of the Void being my last credits project. I've regretted the decision to leave probably since before I left. Nothing to announce yet, and not saying that I'm planning to leave my current job, but I'm looking into ways to return.

December 31, 2015